September 8, 2007

Once again, ladies and gentlemen. The 2-year-old. Remember her? This is the child who has been found sitting on top of the dining room table after supper, finishing off the scraps from other people’s plates. This is the same child who will need to undergo a very aggressive training campaign in order to NOT do the same thing at restaurants sometime in the future. She is also the one who is reminded daily to NOT eat out of the trash can. And let me assure you that she does, indeed, get fed. She is, in fact, quite butterball-ish.

This morning, she came in from playing outside, and climbed onto my lap. As she turned to grin at me, I noticed a very distinctive smell.

Her breath? Science Diet Large Breed…….as in dog……food.

Apparently, she spent her time outdoors, walking around with her dress pockets full of the vile nuggets, one at a time nestled in her chubby fist, slowly scraping little morsels off with her teeth. Are you shuddering yet?

Yeah. Me too.


2 Responses to “Ick.”

  1. Palmetto Boy said

    Oh my! That girl. You could write a book JUST on her! What will she do next?!

  2. Lori said

    Embarrasing as it is – I SHARED dog bones with my dog Ginger behind the couch when I was about five. Explain anything?

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