A Post About my Husband…..because if you know him, you know that he so deserves to be giggled at every now and then….even by complete strangers

September 12, 2007

I adore my husband. He is a wonderful father. He is a loving husband. He leads our home well. He makes me laugh. Plus, he has this cow-lick that makes him totally unable to be hunky, but endlessly qualified to be the cutest almost-40-year-old on the planet. (Don’t you know he’s just gonna LOVE that!)

Here’s another thing….My husband is a total weather geek, and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. He is a forecaster with the Air Force, and really really loves the job he does, even though he would love it even more if he was one of those freaks who goes up in the C-130s to fly into the eye of the storm for reasons that are completely beyond me because it apparently involves obscene amounts of testosterone. Anyway, I know I’ve blogged about this before, but you need to know that he thinks horrific storms are way, way cool. What can I say? It’s just the way he is.

Every night, he has a special time with one child alone, doing whatever they choose to do. Last night, our second son wanted to color with him. So they sat at the table, side-by-side, drawing pictures together. It was extremely heartwarming, to say the least. This afternoon, my son showed me the picture that my husband had drawn, and told me that he (my husband) had drawn it just for me. It was a lovely picture of the sun reflecting off a lake, and a cherry tree, and a rocky cliff, and a French Bread Loaf in the sky. Oh wait. Let me explain that. As I oohed and aahed over the scene, I asked if the gray swath up in the sky was the distant mountain range. He looked at me like I was the Biggest Idiot Wife of a Forecaster in the Universe, and, with a snort and a roll of his eyes said, “THOSE are Alto-Cu!” Like, DUH! And because I sleep with a weatherman on a regular basis, AND because I attempt to be interested in what my husband enjoys, I know that that meant a formation of 2 kinds of clouds that signify cloudiness and light rain. Like, DUH! He has been known to ruin completely enjoyable movies with the off-handed statement that there is NO WAY that the sky behind the character is really real, because those kinds of weather patterns do not occur in the area in which the story is set. Or that the character should be standing in the middle of a monsoon, according to the state of the sky behind him. He has even criticized paintings in which the appearance of the atmosphere in the artwork was just so wrong!

Let me tell ya…….He’s a hoot to live with!


2 Responses to “A Post About my Husband…..because if you know him, you know that he so deserves to be giggled at every now and then….even by complete strangers”

  1. kathylynn said

    I really enjoyed your post!

  2. Anonymous said

    Oh Husband! Oh Wife! I am wiping tears of laughter from my eyes! The first part of the post was cute and funny (you have SUCH a talent for writing humorous word pictures!), but for some reason what set me off was picturing you two watching a movie and him making those weather comments–I can imagine the expression that flits across wife’s face, oh my, I burst out laughing! TW

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