Bedtime Reading

September 18, 2007

Every night before all the children are sent off to bed, I read a portion of a book to them. We recently finished “It Began With a Parachute”, which was extremely interesting and captivating to all hearers. (And don’t tell my children this, but they also learned a TON of history from it!) We then started reading a Hardy Boys book. I wasn’t too sure about this. I was a Nancy Drew girl myself, but since it is mainly boys that are listening at night, I thought we could try a Hardy Boys book and see how they responded. After the first night’s reading, I asked how they liked it, and if we should continue, or choose another book. They were all in agreement…..we MUST continue the book! And so we have.

If you’ve never read a Hardy Boys book, first of all, make sure you get the old version. Then you must realize that EVERY SINGLE chapter ends with a cliffhanger. As in…..”And suddenly Joe realized that Frank was gone!!!!!!!” I LOVE doing this to them because it makes them beg for more, even though they KNOW I won’t read more until the next night. But it keeps them interested, and even trying to sneak a peek throughout the day. We are about halfway through the book, and Chet and Biff are missing. (I know. The names are completely ridiculous, but what can I say? They also have to stop at a pay phone to call their parents! What is THAT about?) Anyway, since the second chapter or so, we have been on the edge of our seats, worrying about poor CHET and BIFF. Where are CHET and BIFF? Who kidnapped CHET and BIFF? Why do people keep finding articles of CHET and BIFF’s clothing? Are CHET and BIFFbeing hurt? Will the Hardy boys be able to find CHET and BIFF in time? There has been a LOT of information being fed us regarding CHET and BIFF, and those names are brought up on EVERY PAGE! But, alas, my 7-year-old, though entranced by certain elements of the story, has apparently not quite grasped the concept of story premises. This, I found out last night. There I was, reading along, adding suspense and intrigue to my voice at every opportunity, even using different accents for various characters, and spending a LOT of time saying the words “CHET and BIFF”. When I got to the end of the chapter, the Hardy Boys saw a schooner on the Atlantic, and (GASP!), they were certain they saw CHET looking over the edge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (end of chapter) You could hear a pin drop in the room, as the children mulled over this new development, their eyes twinkling with excitement. And then the 7-year-old said this:

“Who’s Chet?”


And I couldn’t make myself even BEGIN to explain to this child who Chet was, because the only thing that would’ve come out of my mouth had I opened it to explain, would’ve been a loud, shrill scream, accompanied by hair-pulling-out. And I just didn’t think that would’ve been appropriate behavior right before bedtime.


2 Responses to “Bedtime Reading”

  1. Alyson said

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!
    sooooooo funny! I’m seriously still laughing.

  2. Mother said

    So? WAS it Chet looking over the edge of the schooner? Huh? Huh? Huh? I gotta KNOW! HOW could you leave us hanging like that?!! Are you going to tell us or do we all have to read the book?

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