September 26, 2007

Today, as we all sat around the lunch table eating, you know, lunch, our 7-year-old son asked this question:

“Mommy, WHY do you keep having ALL these KIDS?!”

After the initial shock of such a question from a child who thinks no deeper than what will be available to consume at the next meal, I asked him why he would ask this.

Said he: “Well, the more you have, the harder they get, right?”

Usually, I’m not real quick on the uptake, but when you have 8 small children staring you down, suddenly interested in this hugely unique and potentially-embarrassing-for-me situation, thankfully, the words came flooding out. I’m sure they were sorry they asked. I told them how the number one way that God blessed people in the Bible was with many children. I told them that many people in our society don’t see children as blessings, and what a shame that is…..for our society, and for them as a family. I explained to them the fallacy of thought in which we think, if something is challenging or difficult, then it must not be God’s will. Or that we just shouldn’t do it because it would require hard work and leaning on the Lord and, you know, faith and stuff! And the explanations and reasons continued pouring forth, and I was so proud of the answers I was giving, and I was so thankful for such a neat opportunity to explain how God is glorified when we step out in faith and do something challenging that requires us to need His strength.

And then they all started fighting over who got the last 3 pieces of apple.


2 Responses to “Lessons”

  1. happygeek said

    thank-you for the reminder that just becasue something is challenging it doesn’t mean that it’s the Lord’s will. IT’s easy to forget that sometimes!

  2. Sonya said

    We have many big families in our church and I wish our family were larger. God has blessed us with two daughters but we pray for many more. There’s a family at church who will give birth to their 13th pretty soon! Amazing!

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