Geekdom II

September 28, 2007

I’m a pathetic human being. The things that make my day are just so trivial and pitiful that I’m almost embarrassed to bring this up. But not THAT embarrassed because I’m going to anyway.

I found a commercial dishwashing soap (not the kind that is made for the dishwasher though) THAT YOU CAN POUR INTO YOUR DISHWASHER AND IT WILL CLEAN JUST LIKE THE ANNOYINGLY EXPENSIVE CASCADE PACKETS WILL……and maybe even better. And it uses less than a tablespoon! I know! See how exciting that is? See how pathetic I am? And if your heartrate is at all raised right now, then you’re almost as pathetic as I am. And if your breath actually caught in your throat when you read the sentence above that includes too many caps, then let me tell you right now. There is no hope for you. You are destined to be a pathetic tightwad for the rest of your life. Welcome to the club!

So here’s what you do. First of all, if you are physically disciplined enough, use up all your expensive dish detergent. This is, in fact, how I discovered this small jewel in my month. I ran out of the pricey stuff, and had to improvise. Then, if you are a member of Sam’s, RUN and get the commercial dish soap in the gallon (I think) container that is shockingly PINK! You don’t need a name. Just scan the aisles until PINK jumps out at you. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT send your husband for this. It will go against everything manly in him, and you will end up with another 3-month’s worth of dish detergent that cost you roughly the same amount as your daughter’s wedding will. When you get it home, put it in a squirt bottle, and dirty every dish you can find. Fill the dishwasher like you normally would, and then squirt about a tablespoon’s-worth of the Happy Soap into the detergent dispenser. I have enough Jet Dry stuff to fill a horse trough for the next 2 years, so that went in too. When/if that ever runs out, I will use vinegar, which is almost as free as air. Then close ‘er up, push the buttons, and go read a book, or check to see if annoying Olive Plant Lady has put another post up yet. When the dishwasher is done, check out your new source of Joy. I’m telling ya. It doesn’t take much to make my day. I have done this 3 times now, and every time I am MORE excited than the last. Clean dishes! Sparkly glasses! No yucky white film! And all this for less than $4 for the ENTIRE container! (or something ridiculous like that)

So go! Get the Happy Pink Soap and become a pathetic geek just like me!


3 Responses to “Geekdom II”

  1. Nina said

    But does it get dried microwave scrambled egg off the dishes? Because if it does, then I might finally be able to justify the Sam’s club membership fee and the forty mile round trip drive.
    When I read “not the kind for the dishwasher” I thought you were leading up to a dishwashing disaster with uncontrollable suds churning out and spreading all over the kitchen as you waded chest-high through them to get to the off switch, and the laughter of the TV audience grew louder and louder. Why would I think that?
    Umm…. no reason.
    Don’t get me wrong though. I was not disappointed, In fact, I’ll be as giddy as you if microwaved egg comes off! : )

  2. Lori said

    Ok, I must be just as geeky in your geekfest as you are because I was so excited to find out what exactly you found that I skimmed your entire blog to find out the answer and then went back through and read it in its whole. I admit it – I am a pathetically, cheap, miser, geek too. Isn’t it so cool?

  3. Mother said

    Hey . . . why didn’t you call and TELL me this? Now I have to go back to Sam’s TODAY! You mean I can finally stop using the expensive stuff I have bought for years made by the company who has made so many people billions of dollars! Hooray! Can’t wait to try it!

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