THE Event

October 9, 2007

So. We attended, probably the biggest event of our entire year on Saturday. We have talked about it (almost) incessantly for the last few months. We have counted months, then weeks, then days, which in our house is expressed in “How many more night-nights?” We have talked about appropriate and not-so-appropriate behavior at this event. We have stressed the importance of this event, and talked about its significance often. We have also discussed ad nauseum the degree of fun-ness associated with this event. We have even mulled over the dress code of our family, and the individuals involved in this event. Flowers have even been discussed! Am I driving you crazy yet?

It was a wedding. And not just any wedding. It was a wedding where the bride and groom had never kissed, and had been saving their hearts for their future spouses. It was a wedding that began with a formal courtship, approved and supported by both sets of parents. It was a wedding that included Biblical blessings given by the fathers, and unity candles that were first lit by the parents, and then transferred to the new couple. It was a wedding where the grandfather prayed a patriarch’s prayer for the journey the bride and groom now found themselves on, complete with pleas for blessings of many children, and a life lived for the Lord.

It was beautiful and pure and breathtaking and inspiring.

My family had never seen a wedding like this one, and I wanted to fill the minds and hearts of my children with the desire to live their lives so that the Lord would find them worthy to end their childhoods on a stage with the spouse of the Lord’s choosing, and the knowledge that in the search for “The One”, that they had been obedient and glorifying to God.

The reception was held at the bride’s home, and it was a glorious celebration! There was barbecue and tractor rides and bouquet-tossing and leaf-throwing. And did I mention the most looked-forward-to part of this whole thing? A bouncy tent! How cool is that?

But here’s something funny. As I said in the first paragraph, we had discussed this event for MONTHS. I must admit, though, that most of the talk focused on the reception (read bouncy tent!), but there was also discussion of the wedding itself. I think that our 5-year-old, however, tuned this part out. Because when the wedding was about half over, and she had worn a permanent groove in the seat because of her non-stop, and subsequently infuriating wiggling, she leaned over toward me with a look of pure disdain on her face, mixed with the crushed look of a child who has just watched her favorite kitten run over in the street by a 1974 Ford, driven by a guy wearing no shirt and eating a Moon Pie, and stage-whispered this sentence…..

“You know, Mommy, this is not so much fun after all!”

And then she rolled her eyes, plunked herself back into her seat, and wondered HOW she EVER got suckered into this!


2 Responses to “THE Event”

  1. The Grady Family said

    Did she even like the slide show? It had funny pictures of little kids…at least for a while!

    Did she think the bride looked like a princess? We went to a wedding where a little girl said for all to hear, “Look, it’s a princess!” What an encouragement on your wedding day.
    I got calebandabby updated with wedding pictures if you want to see.


  2. abi said

    Oh, I love the way you write! It gives me chills just reading how passionately you believe in what they did! The good kind-of chills! 🙂 How you put it all encourages me to press on in the LORD–living for HIS glory and honor! Love you!

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