October 10, 2007

Our 5-year-old who, heretofore, has not had the word “obedience” anywhere in her vocabulary, has turned into a new child lately. She thinks up interesting things to do with her little sisters, works out problems when they arise, and cheerfully leads them through all facets of the fun-ness.

Here is what they did the other day.

They searched our property for these huge green balls that eventually become black walnuts, and that also make fascinating pieces of matter that shatter violently when flung up against the trunks of large trees. (And if you remember that 4 boys reside here, you will not ask me how I know this.) Anyway, they then jammed little sticks through the centers of these green balls so that they had what looked like giant lollipops, but that is not what they pretended they were because I don’t think they’ve ever even HAD lollipops. They imagined that they were microphones, and proceeded to march around our property, singing loudly into them. But you have to understand that these songs were not composed by anyone with any sort of musical training whatsoever. They were thought up in the mind of the 5-year-old, with the littler girls trying to keep up with a song they had never heard before, just wanting to join in the loud fun anyway, and maybe trying not to feel quite so self-conscious stomping around the yard, mumbling musically into large, ripening nut casings.

The reason why all of this has become a post today, is because of the song. It just was not something that I could let go by the wayside, unacknowledged, and un-sung, so to speak. Here were the words……

“I love Jesus! I love Him more than anyone else in the world…..even Mommy and Daddy. He is so yummy. Yum, yum, yum.”

I just wasn’t sure if I should’ve said something at this point. Yes, it is wonderful that she loves Jesus. It is commendable that she is singing praise to Him. It is impressive that she chose to worship Him in this way, witnessing and glorifying Him through a spiritual song.

But I’m just not sure how the Lord would feel about the use of the word “yummy”.

When I tried to find that word in a Greek translation of Psalms, wondering if perhaps the mysterious “Selah” word could’ve finally had its true meaning discovered, I was immensely disappointed. I’m thinking, though, if David had been 5 when he penned the Psalms, “yummy” would’ve been found in proliphic quantities, sprinkled throughout the book.

Any thoughts on that, anyone?


One Response to “"Yummy"?”

  1. abi said

    That is SO precious! As to her expression of Jesus being so “yummy”…wouldn’t that be a 5 yr. olds way of saying He is somthing reeeaaalllyyy good?? I mean what 5 yr. olds don’t like food? Just my thoughts. I love you, and I love your blog! It makes me smile! šŸ™‚ Hugs!!!

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