Fun Week

October 19, 2007

So here are a few highlights from our week with my parents and 7-year-old niece:

1. Our basement flooded…….for 3 days.
2. Our 7-year-old threw up after being a complete, shameless, and total glutton at the local pizza buffet.
3. Various adult-types spent most of the week doing one or other of the following…..
a) sucking water out of the basement
b) laying down towels, fruitlessly, in the wet basement
c) whining
4. Our dog did NOT have puppies like she was supposed to while my family was here, which isn’t really a highlight because it DIDN’T happen, but fits into the whole Things-That-Went-Wrong-in-the-One-Week-Out-of-the-Year-That-My-Parents-Visit……..visit.
5. Our 7-year-old niece threw up after eating a snack that “didn’t agree with her”, which is my mother’s nice way of saying “it made her a sweaty, heaving mass of delicate 7-year-old cuteness, sprawled on the bathroom floor, being extraordinarily pathetic and pity-inducing, but also really smelly.”
6. And if you are thinking right about now that #2 and #5 are related, they’re not. And if you’re NOW thinking that I am wrong, please refer back to the previous posts in which I spent 2 weeks cleaning up vomit from 6 of our 8 children, and know that I am a Certified Expert in Child-Vomit.
7. It rained 5 of the 6 days my family was here.
8. Our basement flooded. You know, the same basement we spent a small fortune on to have waterproofed before we moved into it 3 years ago. Also the same one that most of the children sleep and play in.
9. My husband spent a lot of time whining and being extraordinarily pessimistic. Why? Did I tell you our basement flooded…..for 3 days??? THAT’S why.

But their visit DID have some nice highlights too:

1. I only lost once to my mom in a really fun, but complicated card game called “Hand and Foot”, which is like saying I got my name and picture in the “Guinness Book of World Records” for eating 428 apple pies in less than 30 seconds.
2. My niece had a extremely enjoyable time here in the country with 8 very loud, rambunctious, but fun-loving cousins who only showed her 2 or 3 bad things that she can take back to her siblings.
3. We had some visitors over in the pouring rain, lightning, and flood conditions that were such a lovely family, that they didn’t even mind! AND they brought a delicious side dish! What more could you ask for?!
4. We got to go thrift store shopping an extra time this month, using the excuse that the ones where my parents live have really gone downhill, so we HAD to take my mom because, well, SOMEthing noble and frugal, but I can’t think of what right now.

So there you have it. And no more visitors until next year, because I just can’t handle all the fun.
Now I have to go wash 263 towels that weigh 75 pounds each, due to the fact that they are bogged down with dirty basement water because ……..did I tell you?……..our basement flooded this week.


One Response to “Fun Week”

  1. Anonymous said

    Oh dear oh dear, I’m wiping tears of laughter from my eyes. Your lists were waaaaaay too funny! Our basement flooded also (for the nth time this year), but since it isn’t finished it just made a great big mud-puddle 3/4 of the way across the room and slowly soaked into the dirt floor– so no towels to wash, just…mud, and all other absorbable and electric items are up on pallets or cement blocks. Our friend’s basement flooded. They had towels to deal with. Samantha’s speech therapist’s basement flooded and she was busy repairing damages, which we found out about only after we’d driven an hour to Norfolk to our quarterly appt and walked in the door to find the receptionist and co-speech therapist staring at us with stricken looks b/c the speech therapist’s computer was down and they’d forgotten we were coming…. The co-worker graciously saw Samantha by herself. TW

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