Small Child Observations

October 19, 2007

While my parents were here, they took us out to eat at a pizza buffet in town. Here is a conversation I had with our sweet, gentle, docile, nothing-mean-or-unkind-ever-comes-out-of-her-mouth-and-an-evil-bone-does-not-exist-in-her-cute-little-skinny-bodied child……

Her: (as the lady who was taking away our dirty dishes left the room) “Mommy, that lady has a fat bottom.” And although this was stated in a matter-of-fact kind of way, it was not said at a socially-acceptable decibel level. Just so you know.

Me: (after an initial moment or two of shocked silence) “That is not a polite thing to say. God made everyone different. Some people He made short and some tall. Some people have black hair, and some blonde. What we need to do is look at people and try to find the good in them. Did you notice how nice that lady is, and how her hair is fixed pretty, and that she has smiled a lot since we got here? Those are the kinds of things the Lord would want us to think about.”

Her: “But she does have a fat bottom……….Can I have more smashed potatoes, please?”

And that was that, I guess. Her skills of observation shouldn’t shock me, though. She must have inherited my dad’s genes. He is notorious for diagnosing people’s medical problems while walking behind them at a mall, or people-watching at the beach.

“See how his left shoulder is slightly higher than his right? Notice how his hips are not level and he drags one of his feet, although you can’t easily tell? He has _______, and really needs to be in the care of a Physical Therapist who can diagnose his problem and provide treatment in the form of _____.”

Yep. He doesn’t get invited to parties much.


4 Responses to “Small Child Observations”

  1. Kristen said

    This was easily one of my favorite blogs! I have memories of your dad saying things like, “Boy, you have a nice straight spine.” Too cute!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous said

    That first sentence… just isn’t true anymore! You know, about not haveing an evil bone in her body??

  3. Palmetto Boy said

    That dad of yours seems like a highly unusual, but brillant man!

  4. Everly Pleasant said

    I really like your blog. Your writing is very good and easy to relate to but specked with witty humor. Keep it up!
    Everly Pleasant

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