3-Year-Old Eccentricities

October 23, 2007

Our 3-year-old has an unusual habit. By “unusual”, I mean somewhere between freaky-weird and cutely eccentric………but probably leaning more toward the freaky-weird end of the spectrum.

First of all, you should know that I have never cut the front of her hair. I have snipped the back twice since she was born in order to make her look more like a cute little girl who lives in a nice house and has a father who has a decent job, than a Harley dude you see on the highway with his ripped “muscle” shirt, combat boots, and really bad hairdo. The front and top of her hair does not even come close to her eyebrows, and here is why. She spends many minutes of each day, absently plucking a hair out of her head, and then rolling it around her tongue and teeth. Freaky-weird or cutely eccentric? You be the judge, but don’t tell me because I just don’t want to know. I am going with cutely eccentric, and offer up a small prayer each time I see her do it, that she will be able to procure a nice husband who is not bothered by her half-bald head and her propensity towards flossing her teeth with one strand of her hair.

Here’s something weird about this whole thing……as if the habit itself wasn’t enough to warrant that description. Our 1-year-old does a slightly different version of this too. He plucks out a strand of MY hair as he’s nursing, and then when I put him in his crib, settles down with that pathetic little gift, ripped from the NAPE OF MY NECK (which hurts almost as much as birthing him did), and puts it in his mouth and plays with it. And it’s not like they got together and discussed how they could push Mommy’s buttons as a team. It must be a genetic thing. Like the fact that I will be bald before I am 50 because my family, both sides, has about 372 hairs between all of them……..put together.

So you can see why this hair-pulling-out thing is killin’ me here. I have to physically restrain myself from running around behind her, collecting the cast-off, wet, preciously blonde hair strands and placing them gently in an envelope labeled “To Open When You Are 25 and Wonder Why You Can See Your Scalp Through Your Hair”.


2 Responses to “3-Year-Old Eccentricities”

  1. Palmetto Boy said

    That is such a cleverly written and cute blog. Bald is in, you know? Thanks for your entertaining blog.

  2. Everly Pleasant said

    that’s funny. My little sister (now four) always grabs your skin (ear lobe, neck, eye brow-anything) and pinch it and rub it around in her fingers while she’s rocked or cuddled. Sometimes she get so into it that it’s painful!

    Everly Pleasant

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