October 24, 2007

I must begin this post with one huge caveat. If you don’t know my husband, and/or understand his sense of humor, I strongly recommend that you skip this post and check back another day. If, however, you choose to continue on, I must warn you that it is entirely possible that your female ire will be raised. So don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So. My husband and I were having a discussion today regarding his desire to venture into something new. Like a helpful wife, I suggested that perhaps, his tendency towards one way of life may interfere with this new adventure. He considered this a discouragement, so I explained that I was merely using logic and objective thinking to look at the situation from a different angle than he apparently was. After he picked himself off the floor of his office from laughing so hard that he fell out of his chair, he uttered this sentence…..

“You are completely incapable of having either logic OR objective thinking, and that is because you are.. 1) pregnant, and 2) a woman.”

And if you are of the female persuasion and see my husband in public anytime within the next decade, I give you full permission to scratch his eyes out.

Just leave his cowlick alone. It’s the only reason I will unlock the door for him when he gets home tonight.


2 Responses to “Conversation”

  1. Another Female said

    ForGET the cowlick! LOCK THE DOOR!

  2. A guy said

    Hostile Crowd huh?

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