October 25, 2007

It has officially begun…..harvesting season, that is. The bazillion acres of farmland around our home has turned from a quiet haven, filled with the sounds of birds and wind in the trees and flowers growing, into a diesel-reeking, farm implement parking lot. Behind our house yesterday congregated a group of old and old-ish farmers alike, wearing Wranglers and Carhart clothing. Apparently there’s a dress code here in our spot in the Midwest, and these guys had complied impressively. The land behind our house became a John Deere roadshow, with every kind of tractor, combine, implement, and long sticky-outy arm thingy that you could imagine. (I didn’t even know what a combine looked like until we moved out here, so give me a break, would ya?!) My sons salivated. My daughter annoyed the heck out of those poor guys who felt compelled to smile and wave every time she called to them or smiled at them or generally made herself too cute to ignore…in their direction. At one point, she even dragged over her 15-month-old brother who was wearing a dinosaur hat no less (and WHO can resist THAT?), thus adding another cute dimension to their otherwise ordinary harvesting day. Eventually, I had to call her off and instruct her to go engage herself in other areas, as the poor farmers were really trying to get their work done and get home already! As it was, they were still out there doing their thing last night well into the dark evening hours. I bet they could’ve been done sooner if the unfortunate placement of grain bins had been at a house with ugly kids who had runny noses and shot at the farmers with rusty BB guns, or something.

Addendum: The ugly kid remark was supposed to be a joke. I assume that all parents think their kids are the cutest children ever formed, so there ARE no ugly kids in the universe, right? No nastiness intended.


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