Walking? Not so much.

October 26, 2007

Our 15-month-old is still not walking. Well, I really need to qualify that statement. He is not walking ON HIS FEET. He gets almost anywhere he wants to go by walking on his knees. I know. It’s a little weird. I’ve read that if a baby never crawls but moves straight into walking, (which is not this child’s case) there is something he misses developmentally, and I think it has to do with reading skills, or something important like that. Our little guy went from crawling normally to walking only on his knees. I’m not sure what this says about him. Maybe it means that he will not ever be able to mow straight lines across his lawn, or will communicate only in hieroglyphics, or be physically incapable of cleaning up Legos appropriately. (Wouldn’t THAT be convenient?) But he is amazingly talented at walking on his knees. He has now expanded this gift and has figured out how to dribble a ball like soccer players do. He positions himself so that he has a long strip of living room clear, then “walks” forward with a ball in front of him, alternately bumping it with each knee as he progresses. See? Dribbling!

Maybe this means that he will be in the circus one day. Do you know how cool it would be to have this many kids, and be able to get into Barnum and Bailey free whenever we wanted?!

So the moral of this post is…… Babies that walk on their knees and end up with really cool jobs in adulthood RULE!


One Response to “Walking? Not so much.”

  1. Anonymous said

    All right call me stupid but I just can’t picture this one.

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