November 6, 2007

So something happened at breakfast this morning. Not sure what. Not sure I even want to know, but something happened that incurred 2-year-old wrath. As the offending child was walking away from her as she sat at the table, she suddenly began a new method of revenge. She YELLED the alphabet at their retreating back. Like, A!!! B!!!!! C!!!! YEAH, YOU! D!!!!! EFG!!!!!! Take THAT, you horribly perturbing older sibling!!!!! H!!! I!!!!! JKL!!!!!!! M!!! Feeling sorry you messed with ME, now, huh? N!!! O!!!!…….. and then she realized that her efforts weren’t being noticed by the offender in the slightest, but was instead making Mommy laugh hysterically, which wasn’t really what she was going for at ALL! MAN, it’s irritating being two!


One Response to “Revenge”

  1. happygeek said

    I LOVE two!

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