November 7, 2007

Don’t know about you, but in our house, the end of the month signals creative cooking on Mommy’s part. Last month was the worst. We were out of pasta and rice by week 3, which is a huge deal. We do not have meals that involve whole cuts of meat placed on a plate with a vegetable and dinner roll. We have meals where the base is rice or pasta, and meat is sprinkled throughout. Because we have 8 children. Who eat like cows who know they’re going to be slaughtered tomorrow. And we live just above poverty level. Also, I refuse with all that is in me to go to the grocery store to pick up little things here and there that we have run out of. It goes against everything that is me. If it is Tuesday, and our grocery day is not until Friday, we will eat dust bunnies and air until Spending-Obscene-Amounts-of-Money-On-Food Day rolls around. Which means we have a lot of Mystery Meals. Thankfully, my children will eat Purina Dog Chow on a bun if it has been cooked slowly all day in the Crock Pot until succulent, and green beans are served on the side.

I didn’t realize how bad last week’s meals were, however, until my husband asked me tonight, before picking up his fork, if this was an Allison Meal, or an actual written-down-type of recipe. As in edible.

He’s a bad, bad man.


2 Responses to “Groceries”

  1. Alyson said

    Ha! When I got married I did not know how to cook at all. I began (and still do) follow my dads recipe rules….meaning I usually don’t follow them. My husband always asked me before eating if I used a recipe or if it was one of my ‘concoctions’.

    I figure when my kids are older, they will never realize it took me 10 years of marriage before I learned how to cook anything!

  2. Susan said

    I am so glad to know that our house is not hte only house that has some interesting meals come the end of the month. My husbands response is it must be getting time to do your monthly shopping again. I know that means he didn’t like the meal, but he still eats it.

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