Last Night’s Dream…..Read at your own risk

November 8, 2007

I had a really weird and horrifying dream last night.

First of all, we have plaster walls in our house because it’s 472 years old. I dreamed that we had made this huge hole in the wall to insert a clock that has a back that sticks out, so that the face would be flush with the wall. Well, apparently it had been there for awhile before my dream began, because in the dream, my husband had taken the clock down to reset the time, and crawling around inside the hole were all manner of nausea-inducing bugs. THEN snakes began leaping out of the hole, and I was having to herd the children to the far reaches of the house to stand on beds and chairs and things, but the snakes kept getting larger, and maggots appeared, and chaos and bedlam ensued.

And then my mom showed up, after 3 days of driving, to bring me apple juice. AND I WAS SO HAPPY.

You’re gonna stop reading my blog now, aren’t you? Or save it in your Favorites as Freaky, Psycho Mother of Many’s Blog……visit only when you have succumbed to mental disease.


2 Responses to “Last Night’s Dream…..Read at your own risk”

  1. Anonymous said

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!! No, no, you are NOT Freaky or Psycho, just, ummmmmmmmmmmmm PREGNANT!! Oh my, soooo soooo PREGNANT! What do you expect after a morning like you had on Wednesday, eh? Maybe the apple juice was to go with the popcorn shrimp. TW

  2. Your Mother who drove for 3 days said

    APPLE juice?! Naaaw, not apple juice – grape juice is MUCH better! You really DID have a bad dream, didn’t you? 🙂

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