3-Year-Old Tactics

November 11, 2007

Our sixth child, who is 3, is an extremely easy child to have around. She plays quietly on her own. She never bothers anyone else in the house. She never yells, and rarely cries. She is almost scarily obedient. And she tells me at LEAST five times a day that she loves me! The other children call her a saint, and talk often about how often she does NOT get into trouble.

Lately, however, a nasty side of her has been seen. This afternoon, when her older sister was bothering her in some way….like, possibly, looking at her while breathing and blinking…she tried out a new tactic to teach Older Sis a lesson. She began singing scripture songs at the top of her lungs, with Older Sister’s name thrown in as often as possible. “OLDER SISTER’S NAME! OBEY YOUR PARENTS IN THE LORD, (OLDER SISTER’S NAME!) FOR THIS IS RIGHT! (OLDER SISTER’S NAME!)” and “(OLDER SISTER’S NAME!) DO TO OTHERS, (OLDER SISTER’S NAME!), DO TO OTHERS, (OLDER SISTER’S NAME!) WHAT YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO TO YOU, (OLDER SISTER’S NAME!)”……… over and over and, did I mention? Over. And it was really loud. And really funny. And really irritating to Older Sister.

Not feeling too bad about THAT.


One Response to “3-Year-Old Tactics”

  1. Zum said

    funNY! I would Love to have heard that! Poor “Older Sister”. 🙂

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