The Reason the Dot Post is Now Deleted

November 14, 2007

The dot post is history. It was written in a few moments of weakness and frustration. And now all my readers are wondering how I got to be so supremely uptight about the number of dots in my book. There is a REASON for all of this, but if I tried to explain it, I would have no friends, readers, or family members left. It has something to do with the fact that I am rabidly organized. I’ll leave it at that. And I just want to interject here that the two people in my life who I thought would’ve been totally “with me” on this, SOOOOO much acted like they didn’t know why I was being so weird about the dots, and pretty much defected to other mom blogs who write about normal stuff like laundry and grocery lists. One is my mom, who is so organized and completely weird about everything matching perfectly, that she could write many entire SERIES of books about……what else? Organization and matching! I mean, she will walk past a perfectly wonderful set of antique china in Goodwill, made in England specifically for the first queen ever to sit on the throne there, etched in pure gold, and rimmed with diamonds……because one of the teacups is missing part of the “s” on the back where it states the company’s name who made it! And I’M weird because I was concerned that all my dots matched in my manuscript. And then my best buddy in Oklahoma acted like SHE didn’t understand the dot thing either, but SHE admits to lists and sub-lists and sub-SUB-lists that include schedules of when to use the bathroom each day and which blades of grass need to be scissor-cut when. But again, I’M Freaky Dot Girl!

Yes, I realize the bitterness is palpable. You got a problem with that?


4 Responses to “The Reason the Dot Post is Now Deleted”

  1. Susan said

    I am so glad I was not the only ne reading that blog thinking to myself, O.k. she has now lost.

  2. Nina said

    Funny I just read you on my google reader for the first time in a couple days, and the dot post was still there. I come over here and it’s not. So I guess when you delete a post it can still be ‘out there’.

  3. Kristen said

    Cliff sure didn’t think it was weird! He said, “HA! See, writing isn’t as EASY as people think!”

  4. Mother said

    Oh, come on now . . . (notice my dots? :-)) I’m not THAT bad, am I? But, hey . . . . (more dots; 4 this time, but I’m not counting) if you see those diamond-encircled dishes for the queen, let me know. I just may buy them, even if they ARE missing an s on
    the back. 🙂

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