One of those again

November 15, 2007

Another one of Those Sentences came out of my mouth last night. You know, the ones that string words together that are not supposed to BE together in the same sentence? Ever? Under ANY circumstances?

3-Year-old and 2-Year-Old were playing “Baby”. Why this entailed sitting in the recliner and lifting their nightgowns to their armpits, I’m not sure. So, basically, 3-Year-Old sat in the recliner while 2-Year-Old got a running start from the dining room, tore across the living room to the 3-Year-Old and began LICKING HER FEET. Because, apparently, that’s what babies do. Lick the feet of their siblings. So you can imagine the sentence……..

“We are not going to LICK HER FEET!”

And the response?

“But Mommy! We’re playing babies!”



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