November 17, 2007

The Book is done! I know! Exciting, huh?

But it’s not for sale yet.

Because I am being embarrassed by the potential mistakes.

And I want to buy it first for myself, to check to make sure it is as I would like it to be, and although I checked and rechecked and REchecked it, I am afraid that something is hugely amiss because that’s just the way I am. And overnight shipping, for me to check it first, is $100. Yes, that’s right. Could that be any more ridiculous? And if I pay for the cheap shipping, I am guaranteed to receive it by Christmas. How helpful of them.

So here is where you come in. If you care, please tell me what I should do. Go ahead and put it for sale on the blog? Or wait until AFTER Christmas, after I have checked the book once again to make sure it is as perfect as it will ever get?

Or should I just stop acting so pregnant, put the dumb book up for sale, and just suck it up, and get over myself? If this is the option you pick, please be sure to put it a nicer way than I just did because I cry sometimes over things that shouldn’t be cried over.

Stop snickering and get out your Visa.


4 Responses to “Gulp.”

  1. Kristen said

    While it is quite possible that you might find a misplaced comma or a misspelled word, I would go ahead and place it for order. There are only 36 more shopping days until Christmas and people will need time to order and ship and re-ship (maybe). But it is YOUR book that will be forever “out there”, so do what feels best to YOU (pregnant or not!!!!)

  2. Trinka said

    I’ve done a bit of work in publishing, and no matter how carefully you check, there’s going to always be a mistake.

    But it will be OK! You’ve proofed like crazy, and people will be SO caught up in the wonderful stories that they won’t bother noticing any mistake that might be there.

    I worked once on the reprint of a wonderful old collection of letters. I just loved that book, and so I worked SO hard to make it perfect.

    Then when it came out, the cover blurb was FULL of mistakes, but the writing was wonderful, and people liked the book.

    It will be OK! I know I’m looking forward to reading it!


  3. Palmetto Boy said

    Doesn’t matter with me, I’m buying it either way as soon as it is available!

  4. Zum said

    Like 2 of your other post-ers said, “Go for it!” (Now)

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