It is Finished! (I think) OR This is as Good as it’s Going to Get!

November 19, 2007

It’s finally done! The book, that is. It is not hardback, as I would’ve liked it, but I don’t think YOU would’ve wanted to pay $30 for it either! So it’s paperback. It’s square. It’s got a cute cover. Doesn’t that just make you want to buy it?

You can preview a few pages of it by clicking on the Lulu link. It is, basically, the first year of my blog, with intros/blurbs/whatever you want to call them, preceding each entry. That first year’s worth of posts is now gone from the blog, so if you want to have them, you’ll have to buy the book. Tricky of me, huh?

Anyway, my husband wanted me to do this as a kind of word scrapbook for our children, so if we’re the only ones who buy it, it will have served its purpose. My point it, regardless of any guilt trips I may try to put you on, don’t feel pressured to buy it if you’re related to me, or even consider me a good friend. We’ll be okay. We’ll just put on lots of layers to stay warm since we won’t be able to afford heat. And we LIKE saltine crackers and water for breakfast, lunch, and supper! But don’t worry about us. We’ll be a-okay! Really!


3 Responses to “It is Finished! (I think) OR This is as Good as it’s Going to Get!”

  1. Susan said

    I just looked at your book and am so excited. I will be buying one at least but I am thinking these will make great Christmas gifts for my parents and his. We need to prepare them for what is to hopefully come to our family(that is more children). Just wanted to let you know that we are excited to see where this journey in your life takes you.

  2. mindy said

    It looks great! I even love the cover! :o) Way to go!

  3. Zum said

    Great-looking book! Love the color, love the font – you GO girl! We just ordered five copies. Like Susan said, these will make great Christmas gifts!

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