Christmas List Dorkiness

November 20, 2007

The other night, the topic of what to get Mommy for Christmas came up. Apparently, when the older children were at Cabela’s recently, killing time with Daddy before the church Thanksgiving banquet began, they had picked out a mailbox shaped like a fishing lure. For me. For Christmas. Thankfully, my husband questioned the purchase and the idea was nixed. But when they got home later that night, they wanted to know what they could get me that would be better than THAT! So I started rattling off luxury items that I would never buy with my own money, but that my children would have fun picking out, and I would use daily and love! Things like good candles and items from Bath & Body and other girly, boy-it-would-be-nifty-to-have-that-but-I-can’t-justify-spending-our-household-money-on-it stuff. And as I was sitting there, rattling off items that I would so LOVE to get for CHRISTMAS, and “Do you need to write this stuff down so you don’t forget?” and MAN, I hope they get me candles because I LOVE CANDLES, here is what one child said………

“Well, Mommy, when we asked Daddy what HE wanted from us for Christmas, he said that he wants us all to stay healthy all winter long.”

And, yes, I felt like the biggest Mother Dork in the whole universe. And if I DO get any candles or lotion, EVERY TIME I light them, or slather them on my body, I will remember that my husband wanted only one loving, unselfish, precious, can’t-put-a-price-on-it thing……healthy children.

Would it be too late to change my list?


5 Responses to “Christmas List Dorkiness”

  1. Kristen said

    That is so great!! Our girls manage to make me feel that same way quite often!!!!

  2. Unselfish, Loving guy said

    You are truly blessed with a great husband aren’t you?

    You deserve the finer things though!!

  3. Zum said

    Doesn’t that just kill you! Makes you feel about as big as a granule of DIRT! But that husband of yours had it right – the blessing of health for those little ‘blessings’ the Lord has given you.

  4. Nina said

    On the flip side you could look at it like this — how are your kids going to feel if, through no fault of their own, they get sick this winter. Their father’s only Christmas wish will go unfulfilled.
    I think asking for candles is actually LESS selfish, because there’s no pressure on the kids to stay healthy! And every time you burn the candles, the kids will be blessed to know they got you something you truly love. Makes a kind of convoluted sense, doesn’t it? :o)

  5. Allison said

    Okay, Nina. You are officially my Favorite Person of the Week! Will you come live with me until March, because I so need your level-headed and AMAZING common-sensical logic to counter-act my guilt-laden prenancy-ness. (And to keep me from all these hyphens because your blog is always grammatically perfect. I HATE that!)

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