November 21, 2007

Our 2-year-old is deprived. The excitement that she finds in her everyday life is downright pathetic, which leads me to believe that there has not been enough Disneyworld-type entertainment in her life. And that’s okay, but kinda makes me wonder about her mental state.

She has recently begun using a comforter in her crib. Up until now, I dressed her in sleepers, and turned the heater up in her room so that she would be warm enough while she slept. Then she discovered actual COVERS in her sisters’ beds, and took to spending an hour or two each day, lying beneath them, sucking her first 2 fingers of her left hand, watching her other siblings play and not being at all affected by the fact that they were running around having FUN, and blinking preciously at me whenever I walked past. So I brought out a comforter for her a few nights ago, tucked it into her crib, and announced that I had a big surprise for her. When she saw what I had done, and understood that she had been gifted with COVERS, well, life took on new meaning for her. She now belly-laughs whenever I mention it is bedtime. She giggles and talks about her comforter as I’m preparing her for bed. And today, she actually suggested that she would like to go to bed…..before it was actually time! When she is finally dressed and ready for bedtime, she climbs into her crib, lays down, and does this little happy shudder thing when I pull the covers up. It’s the exact thing that my husband does when he climbs into OUR bed after I have put fresh sheets on. It’s a weird genetic thing, I guess, and while I’m glad that they appreciate the newness of clean sheets, and the accompanying coziness of comforters, it’s just a little weird that they have to manifest it in such a physical way. It reminds me of a dog that has just come from a swim in the creek, walks to within 2.6 inches of you, and shakes all over. Yeah! It’s JUST like that! Except without the cold, nasty, dog-smelling wetness dripping down your legs.


3 Responses to “Covers”

  1. Mother said

    Precious! With your expert description, Allison, I can just picture her snuggling under her new covers. Sweet little thing.

  2. Alyson said

    I love the cover of your book. so pretty!

  3. Anonymous said

    I just LOVE warm, snuggly covers on a cold, wintry night! Oh, I am starting to get the shivers right now!

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