A New Baby Trick

November 24, 2007

Our bigger boys came up with a fun thing to do with the littlest boy, who is 16 months old. This kid will take just about anything from his older siblings, except the cooing and petting and squeaky-high-voice-decibels that our 3-year-old daughter uses on him when she doing something incredibly irritating to His Boyness like stroking his eyelashes or attempting to cradle his head in her lap while he’s trying to push his tractors and monster trucks around the room.


The older boys take this precious, tall, skinny bundle of baby-manliness, lay him on his tummy at one end of the kitchen floor, and then give him a mighty push that sends him careening to the other side where another brother awaits him. AND HE LOVES THIS! The older boys think that they are the clever-est and fun-est big brothers in the whole universe. And even though I can see bad things happening with this newest trick, I just can’t seem to be genuinely sincere enough in my protestations. Because all the boy faces in the kitchen during this event are so wide-eyed and smiley and full of laughter and glee.

Putting an end to the fun would be like running over kittens in the driveway.


2 Responses to “A New Baby Trick”

  1. Anonymous said

    Boys are expected to like that kind of thing!

  2. suburbancorrespondent said

    Just don’t look – that’s my approach.

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