Winter Weather…..NOT!

November 30, 2007

If you know me at all, you know that I love winter. No, wait……. I LOVE WINTER!!!!!! The best part for me is when really, really horrific winter weather is building and building, and all the weather geeks at my husband’s work (including him) are making bets and adding to the Weather Geek Bulletin Board about what THEY predict will happen when, and how much, and which way the upper-level troughs will flow, and other weather-related things that make my eyes glaze over, even as I am trying to be interested because that’s just the kind of wife I am. So it builds and builds, and then my husband is calling with hourly updates on where the storm is, precisely, and when it will hit our house, down to the minute, and how much will fall, and what time he’ll be home because they’re closing the base for the rest of the week because the storm that is coming is JUST THAT BAD!! And then the (hopefully) really, really bad weather hits, which is actually good weather for me, because, well, I LOVE WINTER, remember?

I just can’t think of anything cozier than 2 feet of snow outside, the furnace clicking on with its low, rumbling, delicious noise, Yankee candles burning in the house that you just want to stick your tongue into and lick because they smell so yummy, and all the children inside cutting out paper snowflakes, or coloring, or making weird little hats with LOTS of expensive tape, and paper that has the forecast for yesterday’s weather in Zimbabwa on it.

So you can imagine my extreme disappointment when, a week ago, NOAA was showing a possibility of some major winter weather this weekend, and it has now been downgraded to a little sleet and rain. BOOOORING! I was hoping for road closings, and winter weather warnings, and snow piled into drifts that you could lose professional basketball players in!

So now I’m irritated.

And whiney.

And wish that I was in the van right now, headed toward the nearest grocery store to pick up things that you should pick up before a big, huge winter storm hits.



One Response to “Winter Weather…..NOT!”

  1. Nina said

    Hey Allison,
    I just posted a blog award for you as an attempt to lure you over to my ACTUAL blog….come and get it, it’s really nice 🙂

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