December 3, 2007

Nina, a fellow blogger and commentor extraordinaire, has given me an award! Here is the link to the post about it…….

My first award! Not sure if that makes my blog something kinda special, or me just kinda geeky because I’m secretly proud of the prize Nina bestowed upon me.

Who cares?! My first award! Whoo-hoo!


2 Responses to “Award!”

  1. Nina said

    Oh yeah, I see how it is. Give somebody an award and all of a sudden, you go from Drama Queen to Commentor Extraordinaire.
    (big eyeroll)

  2. Allison said

    It’s called back-pedaling. It stems from guilt. It’s actually pretty close to an apology, so I’d take it and run if I were you.
    Thanks again for the very nice award!

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