December 7, 2007

I was humbled the other night by a group of women I respect so highly, it’s embarrassing.

This year, I was actually able to attend our annual church ladies’ Christmas party. This is only the second time in 4 years I have gone, as the other years I was nursing a baby whose schedule I did NOT want to disrupt. This year, there was no such nursling, so I jumped up and down, whooped and hollered, did I little happy dance, and then very soberly attended the event.

So there I was in a roomful of women who, in Mommy World, are the equivalent of rocket scientists with PhDs who also cure cancer on the weekends, and we’re all sharing what the Lord has done in our lives the last year. Well, we were all kinda/sorta SUPPOSED to be sharing, but some of us were sitting in our chairs, avoiding eye contact with the pastor’s wife, and feeling supremely inadequate to even be breathing the same air as these women, much less speak something other than a stuttering, choking, spittle-laden speech about discovering that the new diapers at Sam’s TOTALLY stink! Because that is seriously what I thought would come out if called upon. Then something totally unexpected, completely embarrassing, and extraordinarily humbling happened.

First of all, let me explain the calibre of women in this room. These are mothers who are raising the number of children that God gives them, and doing it in such a way that makes “ordinary” moms like me look like serial killers just waiting for an opportunity to burn down the house that contains her immediate family members, extended family members, and any stray kittens and bunnies sleeping peacefully therein. Yep, that about explains the depth of my feelings of inadequacy around these incredible mothers.

Anyway, one of these moms spoke up and told about some happenings of her last year, and the struggles she deals with every day from outside sources. She then basically said that when she is having a rough day, she comes to my blog, is able to get a laugh or a moment of lightness, and then can continue on in her day, renewed.


Like I said, I am humbled and thankful.

And totally blown away that anyone finds this blog anything more than the ramblings of a dorky mom, writing about the sometimes smelly adventures of a large family.

Thanks, TW. You made my year!


One Response to “Humility”

  1. mindy said

    Very cool!!!!

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