Hormones 1…..because you know there will be MANY more posts with this title in the months to come!

December 8, 2007

It’s been a rough day here. Hormones (and not just mine) conspired to make an otherwise good day into one that was not-so-good. These are the days where I feel like I am just hanging on by a thread, and daycare and public schools seem attractive.

But on days like these, there is usually SOMETHING that makes me see light at the end of the Hormone Tunnel. Tonight it was this…..

As my husband was reading the Bible passage for Family Devotions time, he began in the “Love Chapter”. He was reading from the KJV, so “charity” was the word used for “love”. I asked the children if they knew what charity meant. Our 7-year-old piped up, and with a hopeful lilt in his voice, said……

“You mean like charity races?” And he wasn’t referring to Walk for the Cure or fun runs to help raise money for various charities. In his precious little boy mind, he was thinking this……


And chariots.

I laughed and laughed and, since he knew the day was a Bad Mommy Day, he laughed too. Except it was the kind of laugh people give when a joke has been told but they don’t understand the punch line, but they don’t want anyone else to know they didn’t get it, so they laugh with their mouth and voice, but their eyes are darting around the group seeing if anyone else didn’t get it either. And that made me laugh even harder.

But it was a good laugh.

Not a Scary, Hormonal, Lost-it-a-few-times-today Mommy Laugh. Seriously.


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