December 10, 2007

This morning, my 7-year-old son asked his 5-year-old sister if he could use an educational CD-ROM she got for her last birthday. She contemplated it for a moment as I looked on, and then said……

“Yes, but first you have to give me 6 presents. Not 12…….6.”

And this was when I intervened because I knew what was coming up. The 7-year-old boy gifts would consist of these things:

1. A rock, scribbled on with crayons.
2. One boot from one of the 5 partially-outfitted G.I. Joes that my boys possess.
3. A spent shotgun shell.
4. A large, clipped toenail.
5. A crumpled up, but not yet discarded picture of a badly-drawn Navy SEAL on a ra……..oh. That’s when it got crumpled.
6. An old gun whose only remaining working part is the handle……..everything else is missing.

And, see, this would not sit well with the 5-year-old. And she would cry and cry and cry and her reading would not get done, and I would have to intervene in a situation that makes every fiber of my being curl up into one irritated, nasty heap of annoyance. So I decided to cut it off at the pass, and told my son that yes, he COULD do her CD-ROM, and no, he DIDN’T need to give gifts in order to use it. And I told my 5-year-old that this was a good opportunity for her to learn true sharing and the blessings she would receive from giving openly and not expecting “presents” in return. And that was that. And I didn’t even have to get off the couch! Wow!

And, ya know something?! It’s a Monday too!


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