December 10, 2007

Some friends of ours let us borrow their DVDs of The Discovery Channel’s documentary about the Navy SEALS. The cameras follow a class of 83 wanna-bes through the SEAL boot camp, basically, which serves to weed out the few that are truly committed to one day being a full-fledged SEAL. It is painful to watch.

After finding all the bad words in it, and making it watchable for young boys, we watched a portion last night. One of our sons has expressed interest in one day becoming a SEAL. He draws pictures of their missions. He “plays” SEALS. He dresses like them. He wants a G.I.Joe SEAL for his birthday.

All of this infatuation was obliterated last night. He was speechless afterwards, and incredulous that anyone could make it through what he saw…….which was Day One of the training process. And they didn’t even see the DVD that contains the only-women-who-have-birthed-14-pound-babies-with-no-pain-medication-can-understand-the-pain-involved, aptly-named Hell Week. Where they only get 4 hours of sleep the entire week. And the rest of the time they are running and swimming and doing 10 trillion push-ups while their inspectors laugh at them, and other things that I am too tired to even write about after remembering it all.

But it was very enlightening to watch. The guys were constantly being yelled at for not paying attention to what the instructors told them to do, or not keeping their rooms immaculate, or for having things in their possession that they weren’t allowed to have, or for not doing their best at what they were given to do, or for having bad attitudes. And suddenly I thought…….

This Navy SEAL training stuff is just like mothers training their children to do their best in all things, and listen to instructions, and have cheerful, obedient attitudes……..basically everything that I do EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE…….

except without the face-plants in the sand and night swims in 45-degree weather and endless push-ups and cussing and stuff.


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