Sledding! (I know, I’m terrible with titles)

December 11, 2007

We’re having some pretty decent winter weather. We were in a Winter Storm Warning last night and today, but only got a lot of ice, and not much snow, which is kinda a bummer for this southern gal. But we had a decent snow a few days ago, so the mixture of the 4 inches of that, plus 1/2 inch of ice is fairly satisfying even though I’m normally only completely thrilled with winter weather if it causes our entire county to close down AND I have a week’s worth of egg nog in the fridge. Anyway, all of this meant 2 important things for today…..

1. The base closed, so Daddy got to stay home!
2. Daddy made Mommy sunny-side-up eggs for breakfast which I usually only get on Saturdays from him. They are delicious. In fact, I think egg-making is his spiritual gift.

This also meant that the children got to go sledding with Daddy because Mommy is too fat and tired to do fun things like that. See, when Fun Parent gets to be home in the middle of the week, well, life turns out very well indeed. The rest of the time, Boring Taskmaster Hormonal Parent is the one ruling the roost. And what with her chore charts and required essays and cleaning and general character training (snort!), WHO wants to be around HER?!

So Fun Parent takes the oldest 5 up to the top of the ridge on the street, and supervises the sledding activities, which entails a child sitting on a sled, holding on for dear life, while Daddy pushes them with all his might, and they hopefully get all the way to the bridge without any wipe-outs or loss of limbs or cracked skulls. Our 5-year-old was included in this fun, and on one of her pushes, ended up spinning around backwards halfway down, and being dumped into a snow-filled ditch head-first. But here’s how she handled it…….

She jumped up immediately, waved to the family members at the top of the hill, and yelled out,
“It’s okay everybody! I do this for a living!”

Now tell me that’s not stinkin’ funny! I’m not sure where she got that, if anywhere, so I choose to just believe that she came up with it on her own, and that she is the wittiest, most comedically-gifted 5-year-old in the universe. I’m certain you would agree.


One Response to “Sledding! (I know, I’m terrible with titles)”

  1. Lori said

    That totally sounds like something Syd would say. How cute?!?!?!

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