December 12, 2007

So yesterday afternoon, I was summoned to the sledding spot to watch various children slide down the hill in a blur of mis-matched snowsuits, runny noses, and belly laughter. As my husband and I were standing, watching the preterm-labor inducing tobogganing events, I noticed the 2 littlest girls wandering around in the snow, eating icicles, making snowballs, etc. Then, the 2-year-old picked up a huge chunk of ice-covered snow, twice the size of her head, and began biting off pieces and eating them. I wondered aloud to my husband if this was a good idea, and he said, “As long as she’s choosy about her snow pieces… yellow snow allowed.” So after making sure the chunk was all white, I looked up the hill to the next round of sledders.

When I looked back again at the 2-year-old, I saw her bite a chunk off, then hold it out FOR THE DOG to take a bite out of, and then put it back into her mouth……without rotating! It was basically like standing around a dip bowl with a hairy, sweaty biker guy that hasn’t had a bath since….um….EVER, watching him dip a pretzel in the dip, eat half, and then dip the rest of it in…….without putting the uneaten end in first! (Am I the only one who has a problem with double-dippers?)

So here’s what I learned. Yellow snow is bad. But dog-slobber-covered snow is good.

Sometimes you just can’t win.


2 Responses to “Adventures”

  1. mindy said

    That is GREAT! I laughed out loud for a while over this one!

  2. Anonymous said

    Yuck! I would rather eat yellow snow in my ice cream!! 🙂

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