Self-Esteem and Me

December 12, 2007

Today, 10 copies of my book came in the mail! You know, the one displayed on my sidebar…….that everyone said I should write and now no one is buying except for the 2 people in the world responsible for my even being alive…….which I may not be much longer due to the stress I endured while editing it because I thought people would enjoy it and, ya know, BUY it. (Man! And I thought my Guilt Trip Chromosome was missing!) Anyway, I am so excited! My husband wanted me to buy one for each child of the family, even the ones still in diapers who think books are for chewing on, crawling across, crumpling up, and tearing into tiny pieces that are then eaten when no one is looking. The only reason I know that this is what happens to the books in our house is the evidence the next day in the diaper. (See, I’m doing that icky-diaper thing again, aren’t I?)

So here was my self-esteem boost for the day…… When I opened the box, and pulled a stack of the books out, one of my older children said this……

“Wow! It actually looks like a REAL BOOK!”


But now that same child is downstairs as I type this, lying in bed, reading her copy, and I may have to run out to Walmart before the day is over to buy a waterproof mattress-pad to put underneath her….that is how hard she is laughing. I’m thinking she is enjoying the book I wrote for her and her siblings! You know….the one in the sidebar that is such a pretty green, and is filled with humor and good cheer?


2 Responses to “Self-Esteem and Me”

  1. Trinka said

    Hey – I TRIED to buy one! The web site won’t complete the transaction.

    Wonder if maybe others are having the same problem?


  2. Allison said

    Yes, Trinka, I should have made an exception for you, because you DID try! You are my Favorite Blog Reader of the Week because of the effort you put forth. By the way, I had no trouble ordering, and neither did my parents, so I’m not sure what the problem is. I’ll have to recheck that so no one else can use that excuse. =)

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