This Morning

December 14, 2007

As I sit here, supervising all the chores being done in a whirlwind kind of way, I was privvy to our 5-year-old, coming happily up the stairs bearing a trash can to empty, singing, to the tune of “Praise Him, Praise Him”………..”Sieze Him, Sieze Him…..” Now, I’m all for children knowing hymns. I love what Elisabeth Elliott says about hymns, but I’m thinking that this skewed version of this hymn kinda defeats the purpose of children learning theology through hymn-singing. Maybe I’m wrong. And I’m a little scared to ask what she meant by her choice of words.

On another note, when I blog THREE TIMES IN ONE DAY, that is supposed to hold y’all for 3 days, okay? Because the whining from various, unnamed persons that you didn’t see a blog yesterday is just ungreatful. When I am inspired by blog-worthy events in my day, I write until I get it all out. Because I am very aware that the next day may bring nothing blog-worthy at all, and may, instead, bring circumstances that make me cry. And those kinds of things I really don’t want to share. Because more people are reading my blog every day, and I really don’t want to scare them off with my hormones and frightening stories of life with 8 children and stuff.


5 Responses to “This Morning”

  1. Anonymous said

    Looks quite scary, because that is quite near to the cry when Jesus was being brought to the crowd to decide how “justice” should be shown to Him. Perhaps she had no clue what she was saying, or did not properly know the correct words. Whatever…

  2. trish said

    Off topic comment…
    I just have to tell you that I am ashamed of myself. I read you daily (or whenever you blog…no guilt intended) and yet…I rarely comment. Usually it;s because I am laughing so dang hard that I have to read the entire thing over again to my girls as they ask what I am laughing about sitting by myself talking to no one. And I forget to comment.
    I sub to you thru bloglines so I don’t miss a laugh, a smell or a post!

  3. trish said

    On topic comment…
    perhaps your little one is just relating what we should all practice…seize on to Jesus! She may be wiser than all of us.

  4. Allison said

    Trish, thanks for the encouragement! I’m glad you get a laugh from my life. =) Also, I have tried to comment to your blog 3 times, to thank you for the award, to no avail. Please know that I was honored and blessed by it!

  5. Alisa said

    I’ve been reading your blog too, and, um, didn’t notice that you missed a day. I think I was too busy to be on my computer yesterday. Sorry about your un-blog-worthy day. These days happen too. I *only* have four children (so far), but I have those kind of days too, especially when I am pregnant. Take care!

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