December 18, 2007

First of all, you have to know this about us. Our internet connection is brought to us by the Amish. On good days, we connect at 24kbps. I don’t really understand what this means to a person who understands computers and the language involved in talking about them. I just know that it takes 27 minutes to come up on our screen. Audio clips let one word through, regroup, then let another word through approximately 7 minutes later. Hopefully, I am just wanting to hear the Scoffield Audio Bible’s version of “Jesus wept”, but usually not.

I do have a point.

Sometimes, people send things to my email box that don’t……um…….need to be there. Because, to my internet connection, they are the equivalent of trying to squeeze a sperm whale through a garden hose. And it takes 2 hours. And while I’m waiting for it to actually get to my inbox, 42 OTHER emails are backed up behind it, waiting to get through, and they are usually the prescription for my oxygen that I must have in order to continue, ya know, living and stuff.

I will concede that I’m a little worked up here, and maybe exaggerating slightly. Add to that a smattering of pregnancy hormones and a pinch of just general tiredness, and you will understand how these kinds of emails make my eyeballs bleed. Profusely.

There is a little girl who is friends with one of my little boys. Sweet little girl. Nice family. TOTALLY should not be allowed anywhere near an internet connection, however. Because the email I waited on yesterday for many, MANY hours, were 3 pictures taken by this sweet little girl. Of her nicely-made bunkbed. And her trophies. And they were blurry, one and all. But it was a nice thought, and I’m sure my son will enjoy them when I am able to open up that email again without screaming. Really.

It’s been almost 24 hours, and I’m starting to sweat again over this whole thing. I’ll end now so that I can take up banging my head against the wall again. That’ll help. Right?


2 Responses to “Email”

  1. Susan said

    I have a cousin who sends us one of those e-mails everymonth to update us with picture of the kids. The problem is she sends a so many pictures that my computer jams up everytime. So know I just delete them before opening them. I know that sounds mean but she is a distant cousin and we see them once a decade.

  2. Lori said

    Sorry, I think I send you those things. I will remember, regardless of how cute or neat, not to send them to you anymore.

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