If you have a weak stomach, or are a member of PETA, don’t read this!

December 18, 2007

This morning, when our 2 oldest went out to feed the animals, they ran back in exclaiming about the mess our dog had made………with ripped-up rabbit pieces. That were bloody. And hairy.
Later on, our oldest son took it upon himself to clean up the pieces so that his littler siblings wouldn’t step in rabbit chunks, or pick up rabbit chunks, or lick or ingest rabbit chunks, depending upon the age of the particular child. Sounds like a loving and noble gesture, huh? Really, though, I strongly believe that he had two motives in mind…….

1. See if there were any salvageable pieces of non-bloodied fur, intact bones, or interesting-only-if-you’re-a-10-year-old-boy entrails to dry and then bring into the house to hang on lamps in the living room. Which is where I found his last rabbit pelt the other day.
2. Gross out Mommy with descriptions meant to incapcitate her for the remainder of the day, while also managing to entertain HIM.

So after he had done the picking-up-of-rabbit-bits thing, he came in full of very vivid descriptions of what he had seen, felt, and smelled. How the guts were pouring out of this one piece he picked up, and plopping on the groud at his feet. How there was blood on the snow with little bits of cute bunny fur frozen in it. How he saw a lone foot, with partial leg attached, laying pitifully on the cold, hard ground. Ad nauseum. And he was smiling and laughing the whole time over his descriptions and my reactions. Man! If he could write essays with the same effort and talent he gives to making my stomach turn, he’d be the best 10-year-old writer in the universe! And I could stop all the writing and spelling and grammar junk….I mean school…..that we do here!


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