About the "Email" post……..

December 21, 2007

I was laying in bed last night thinking, because that is usually the only time I get where no noise happens in my life, and I contemplated whether I had offended anyone with my “Email” post. The one where my last nerve was trod upon, and I kinda got a little hot under the collar. And perhaps “shared” a little too much. And now everyone is scared to email me anything.

So here’s the deal. With my friends and family, I so enjoy getting pictures of your children, or your children in funny situations. I could even be happy with a picture of how much snow you got last week or how pretty your Christmas tree looks. What I DON’T want is pictures of smiley-faces bouncing around the screen just because, or graphics that add nothing to my life except wasted time. I do not need to be sent a video of a dog wearing antlers, dancing around a Christmas tree. I’m hoping you get the idea.

Also, just so you can get a “feel” for what happens every few days in our house right about now in the pregnancy…..My husband called yesterday and asked which wife I was today. The sensible one who runs the house without falling to pieces because an egg dropped on the kitchen floor, or the one who cries a lot and is apparently incapable of dealing with even one child who is having a bad day. So just keep that in mind when you come to my blog, and try to see it as an interesting moment of your day……not knowing what kind of place I’m at in my personality that day. It’s like reading a blog, written from the mind of a schizophrenic! Man! Wouldn’t THAT get some readers?!


One Response to “About the "Email" post……..”

  1. Susan said

    We all know you are pregnant and it is o.k. to have those hormonal days.

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