December 21, 2007

Suppertimes are interesting at our house. Sometimes that “interesting” means that everyone is not allowed to talk unless they raise their hands because the decibel levels have gotten out of hand. Sometimes that “interesting” means that educational, stimulating, intelligent……..yes, interesting……communication was had. But not usually.

Usually, there is at least one comment like this one that was heard tonight from the 3-year-old end of the table…..

“Mommy, did you know that when you die, you still have your throat?”

I’m STILL wondering how I could’ve better responded to that. Because I looked confusedly and quizzically toward my husband, almost spit my food into my hand when a giggle wanted to cut loose, and then gave a non-committal, “Huh! Really! I think you may be right!”

And then she was done talking for the rest of the supper.

Just had to get her $.02 in, I guess.


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