TV Ponderances

December 23, 2007

A few years ago, I found a series of cheap DVDs that had re-runs of old, funny TV shows on them. Last night, my children watched one episode of “Ozzie and Harriett”. Halfway through the program, there is a pause in the episode while “Harriett” plugs the new Hotpoint refrigerator. This, apparently, was before there was such as thing as marketing, because she just stands there beside the fridge, talking about how nice the door opens, and other equally-boring stuff that would make me NOT buy it if I was a housewife back then.

So then my kids asked what this was. And I told them it was a commercial.

And my oldest then asked this….”What do you mean, Mommy?”

And I just wasn’t sure if I should be horrified by their lack of knowledge about such a basic thing as a commercial, or to be delighted that their knowledge of TV is completely non-existent.

I mean, is this gonna make them NOT be able to get that job with Boeing, or be unable to figure out how to get phyllo sheets to work without tearing, or make them incapable of rendering emergency help to the elderly man in the throes of a massive heart attack?

I’m thinkin’ not.


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