Grandpa’s Self-Esteem Boost for the Day

December 27, 2007

You know when you have to get up multiple times in one night, that there’s really nothing funny about it. Ever. Thankfully, last night was different.

Just about the time I had gotten cozy in bed and, this is the important part, the covers had warmed up to where I could uncurl my body from a fetal position to protect it from ice cubes forming from the cold covers that my husband USED to warm up for me when he still loved me, or was at least trying to placate me during my years of Horrible Wifeness, but now he just lays on his side of the bed and when I come to bed a little later and put my cold appendages on him, he scoots to the farthest edge of the bed and whines.

Where was I? Oh, okay. So I get all cozy and warm and snuggly, and then I hear our 2-year-old’s little chipmunk voice from upstairs, calling my name. I did the whole denial thing that goes like this……

She’ll stop in a minute.
She’s just had a weird dream, but will calm down and not need me in a sec.
Yeah, she’s gonna stop soon. I just know it.
Huh. She’s not stopping.
Ya know, if I was a deep sleeper, like other adults in this house, I would not even HEAR her, and THEN what would she do? Maybe I could experiment with that and see.
Not working.
Now she’s getting worked up which means that if I don’t go and take care of it NOW, I’ll have 15 minutes of getting her calmed back down, which will mean that I won’t be able to get back to sleep for another hour.
So I’ll have to get up now.
Here I go.
Yep. Gonna get up in a sec.
Okay, okay!

So I get up there, peek into her crib, and see her holding up her water cup for me to refill. Which I do. And when I put it back into her crib, she looks up at me, all smooshy-faced and hair plastered flat on one side, and says…..

“Mommy? Grandpa’s funny.”

And then she laid back down and went back to sleep.

Note to all the small children out there…..When you have to wake your mom up in the middle of the night, be sure to have something cute up your sleeve for her, because it is truly painful to be at your beck and call every minute of her life! I’m just sayin’.


2 Responses to “Grandpa’s Self-Esteem Boost for the Day”

  1. mindy said

    That was SO me this morning at 2 a.m.! You have put the thought process that goes on in my mind into words perfectly! :o)

  2. Anonymous said

    Too cute! Palmetto Boy

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