I Love my New Skirt!

December 31, 2007

Since so many of you seemed interested in my tall-maternity-leggings saga that has STILL not been solved, I thought you might appreciate knowing about my newest find. I have found a tall, maternity skirt that I want to snuggle with at night when I have to take it off for bed. I want to throw away EVERY OTHER MATERNITY ITEM I OWN, and buy one of these skirts in every color. And maybe two, in case the other one of the same color is in the wash.

It is full. It is twirly. It has a lettuce edge. And it hits my ankles which is truly miraculous. Also, I put it in the dryer, and it got even better. Now it is SOFT, full, lettuce-edgey, and long. AND I can wear it after I have the baby. How do I know this? Because I have stated it is so, and so it WILL be. Because I cannot live without wearing this skirt at LEAST 4 days a week. My husband is so sick of hearing about how much I love this skirt, that he BEGGED me to order another one. And this particular skirt is NOT cheap. In fact, the only way I can justify this purchase is knowing that a) Goodwill does not have a Tall Pregnant Chicks Who Wear Dresses and Skirts Only section, and b) I can buy Gymboree clothes for my littlest ones at a certain thrift store in town that sells them for $.25 each. I found a $2000 vacuum cleaner for $40 recently. Seriously. Last year, I stumbled upon a Pottery Barn quilt, marked $5, but when the humongous stain in the center was pointed out to the Goodwill cashier, she asked if $1.50 would be okay. Uh. Yeah. And the stain came out with one wash. If I could count up all the money I’ve saved by shopping at thrift stores for clothes for the entire family, plus household goods, the number would be in the thousands.

So the $70 I paid for a skirt I will wear 20 days of every month for the next 10 years of my life?

I’m feeling okay about it.

And in case you’ll be in the market soon for this skirt, which is also made for non-maternity women as well as Normal-Height Chicks, the website is www.roundbelly.com. No, I am not being paid for this endorsement. Although the matching wrap shirt would go VERY nicely with the blue skirt I just ordered.

I’m just sayin’.


3 Responses to “I Love my New Skirt!”

  1. Round Belly said

    So this is what I get for telling you I marked your blog 🙂 I don’t mind free endorsements.

    And as far as children go. I wanted more, until I got deadly ill with this pregnancy- then I kinda of changed my mind- but as luck would have it, it was too late.

    I reached the age in life where nature has kindly helped me space my children out a little further then 2 years, so I will let mother nature do as she will before I count too many more little handfuls.

    Meanwhile, I am looking forward to another little handful and desperately hope I can wrap it in pink. 🙂

  2. Susan said

    I checked out this website. I liked a lot of the things but some of their pictures were a little strange. I will be hopefully checking their maternity out sooner than later.

  3. […] Goodwill.  And I only wear dresses and skirts, but I could work this out.  I could pair it with this skirt, and be as happy and carefree as a pig in a puddle of mud!  Except cleaner and […]

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