The Abuse I Take on a Daily Basis, But Even More So On the Weekends…….and This is a Long Weekend

December 31, 2007

So my husband….you know, the one who promised to love and cherish me until he dropped dead from “accidental” poisoning……..has been making fun of me all day.

I am actually able to now wear maternity shirts that I have been buying for the last 14 years because I have found a ROCKIN’ maternity skirt to wear them with. (Did you read about the skirt yet? Even though the excitement may kill you, I invite you to scroll down for that thrilling post.) So this morning, I put on one of the shirts that I haven’t worn in 10 years. And then I put on my black skirt to go with it. And as soon as my husband saw the ensemble, he asked if I could get him some extra towels. And could he please have new sheets put on his bed too, with the mint placed, just so, on his pillow. And was room service open 24 hours, or just during the day?

And this continued all day long. Later on, he remarked how nice it was to have such an attractive au pair to care for his children. And when I went to run some errands in town, he asked if I bought new cleaning supplies for my maid service business.

Kinda understanding the “accidental poisoning” remark now, huh?


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