The Miss A Saga, Continued…..or Why Miss A is Officially Off my Friend List

January 1, 2008

Remember our 2-year-old’s obsession with Miss A? The nice lady at church that makes me feel like the number one recipient of Loser Mother/Woman of the Year? Yet, I can’t stop liking her because….well, if YOU knew her, YOU’D like her too! It’s so annoying.

That’s all over now.

Last night, 2-Year-Old went to bed with an earache. She has been kinda sickly lately, so this was not a shock. She woke up several times before I went to bed, and I rocked her, did various things to make her more comfortable, including holding her in my lap, which is very very difficult because a large, hard beach ball also resides there. After I went to bed, I was up a NUMBER of times with her in the night also. I rocked her. I gave her medicine. I refilled her cup. I brought her favorite doll. I took her favorite doll out of her crib when she got irritated with it. I turned down her soothing noise to block out the house noises. I turned it back up again when she got restless. The common theme here is that I did not get a ton of sleep. I did the Sacrificial Mom Thing which is not new to me, so it’s not like I was bitter or grumpy or huffy or stompy.

At first.

At 4:45 this morning, after a night of going up and down the stairs to help my precious, earache-y 2-year-old, I had just left her room for the umpteenth time, closed her door, and started down the stairs, when I heard her call my name. I re-entered her room, and then she said this…….

“Mommy, I love Miss A!”

And THAT’S when I got bitter and grumpy and huffy and stompy. Because imagining Miss A sleeping peacefully in her bed, while I spent the night basically doing the Stair-Climber while also administering nurturing, medicine, and the agony of a 40-pound toddler leaning against my very pregnant belly………and MISS A GETS THE LOVE??????

Just kinda bothered me a tad.


2 Responses to “The Miss A Saga, Continued…..or Why Miss A is Officially Off my Friend List”

  1. Round Belly said

    You poor thing- now imagine with me that MS A was up all night almost every night. Would she still be so perfect?

    or how much more would you accomplish, cheerfully when your children are a little older and you sleep 8 hours every night?

  2. Lori said

    Not sure I’m correct in this, but I’m thinking between the posts about Miss A and your husband, pregnancy as brought out the more “intense” Allison this time around. I think I’m glad I’m not your supervising teacher this year…I may very well be one of your irritations. LOL 🙂

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