January 2, 2008

Starting a new year has made me a little reflective. (That word just doesn’t look right to me. All I can think of are the little rectangular reflectors on kids’ bikes.) My husband and I were discussing today all the various places we have lived since joining the Air Force. We have been “in” close to 15 years, and we have lived in 11 places. Apartments, quadplexes, houses. Which means that I have set up house in 11 different abodes, sometimes for as little time as 4 months. I have set up house with our stuff, rented stuff, borrowed stuff, and many times with as little as a few sleeping bags and a package of paper plates. This is our life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I was remembering that, 15 years ago, when we were contemplating the whole military thing, my main concern was that any children we had (snort) would never really know what “home” meant. When I was a child, I lived in the same house from the time I was 3 years old, to the time I left home at 18. “Home”, to me, meant the house on Phillips Rd. When I was away at college and wanted some good food and deep sleep on the weekends, I went “home” to Phillips Rd. When we were married and I was contemplating making Thanksgiving dinner for two, we went “home” instead…….to the house on Phillips Rd. where I had grown up. It was the only home I remembered. And my children wouldn’t have that if we went into the Air Force, and it worked out for us, and we stayed in for 20 years or more.

Or so I thought.

All of our children know that, while the house may change, while the yard may be smaller or larger, while our church will change, and new friends will be made, home is where Daddy and Mommy and all the siblings are. Period. The BUILDINGS we have lived in have been a third-story apartment, and a small duplex where we could hear the neighbors taking a shower, and an old farmhouse on 7 acres, and on and on……11 times. But HOME has been where WE are.

And I love that.


3 Responses to “Reflection”

  1. Lori said

    I want to say thank you for this post. We have not been in the military, but we’ve had just about as many moves through the years. I thought we had finally found a permenant planting in Red Oak and now here we are, again, in another place. And again, getting to make another move. I don’t exactly understand it, but I have wondered if our kids will ever know what it is to be ‘settled’. I’m continually reminded of the verse Jer 29:11 and just stand on the fact, HE knows what He is doing.

  2. Leigh said

    I hope our oldest feels this way. We moved A LOT when she was little, and didn’t really settle down until she was about 10. Now all of my younger children have been in the same church and the same town for their entire lives, and I wonder sometimes if Kaitlyn is jealous. :o(

  3. Scribbit said

    I used to think what my house looked like was important until I actually had children and felt the real meaning of “home” as you describe it. I just don’t feel ike it matters like it once did.

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