New Rule: Sane Commenters Only Allowed!

January 8, 2008

A really creepy person left a comment on my blog recently. I believe it was far enough down the home page to not catch anyone’s attention…..or at least I hope so. After reading even the first 2 sentences, I had to go wash my eyeballs, such was the heinousness. And then I seriously considered calling the FBI and getting that sickening waste of brain matter out of my mailbox, and where it belonged…………to the Center for People Who are Sick, Useless, and In Need of Some Serious Paddling and a Lifetime of Grounding From the Computer.

So I altered my commenting perameters. Now, for both of you who comment once a week, your little love letter to me and my blog will not be published immediately. It will first come to my email box for me to moderate and make sure that you are, indeed, capable of complete sentences and hopefully even paragraphs that do not incorporate extraordinarily foul speech about people who make sweaters for their dogs, or something equally ridiculous and completely “off”, pyschologically. Anyone is allowed to read my blog. You just have to make sense when you write, and knowing how to use bad language correctly is also necessary. Just don’t use it in the comment section.

Because I am armed with an itchy “Delete” finger, and I can use it whenever I want to.

Can we be done now? Because this is so not the subject matter I’m good at!


3 Responses to “New Rule: Sane Commenters Only Allowed!”

  1. Susan said

    I got one the other day that I had to delete and it freaked me out so much that I thought about not blogging anymore. I need to do what you have done with your comments.

  2. happygeek said

    So sorry about that. You made a good decision to moderate your comments!
    So, have you printed the spark plugs yet?

  3. Trinka said

    ewwww! I’m so sorry to hear that. 😦

    I’ve had a few I had to delete, but never anything that nasty.

    Hope creepy-guy finds someplace else to play!

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