See? No Title! And That’s Okay!

January 9, 2008

My husband has been a little scornful of the whole recycled yarn/knitting/crocheting thing. He just doesn’t “get” the thrilling aspect of this thing I’m doing. Of course, he is getting this from his mom, who, although she was a very nice lady who birthed a cute baby that became my wonderful husband, did not spend her days…….um……..productively. She bought sheets that required ironing…….on purpose. And then she ironed them! She spent most days at malls, buying Laura Ashley stuff and having tea in victorian tea rooms. And while I do admit to occasionally taking slight liberties with my writing, I am NOT kidding you on this one……..she ironed t-shirts and underwear. I SAW HER DO IT. And she wasn’t even sheepish about it!!! She also knit. A lot. She spent many an evening in front of the TV, knitting useful items like tea cozies and placemats and baby sweaters that never fit quite right. I think she would’ve knit my husband Laderhosen if she had had a pattern. My husband produces actual chills over the things she knit him to wear. Mittens with a long string to go through each sleeve, and through the back of his coat so he couldn’t lose them. Hats with ducks embroidered on them. Sweaters with ceramic rabbit buttons. Manly stuff like that.

So you can understand his wariness at my choice of handcrafts. And while he loves my thriftiness, he wonders about the usefulness of unraveling old, formerly expensive sweaters to have almost-free yarn to knit with. He keeps asking me what I’m going to knit, and how I will use it. And he keeps kinda mumbling to himself that it IS good that I am teaching 2 of our daughters to crochet and knit, and they WILL use it later on in life. But I can hear the scorn underneath the forced pseudo-encouragement. Well, I stumbled across something today that justifies this hobby/craft/usefulness……………….

“She seeketh wool and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands.” Proverbs 31:13

Can’t really argue with that, huh? Also supports my “No Acrylic Yarn Allowed” policy! Cool!


One Response to “See? No Title! And That’s Okay!”

  1. Nana C said

    Whoa! Well, showing my age, I used to knit sweater shells in the 60’s! My Mom took in ironing 12 pieces for $1.00, I remember the handkerchiefs, iron all of the sides first and then the middle! Enjoyed your fun!! Nana C

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