Rockin’ (the no title thing was buggin’ me. What can I say?)

January 11, 2008

Hi! How was YOUR night? Mine? How nice of you to ask! Mine was………


One word……insomnia.

How this is fair, I just don’t know. Let’s see. I’m pregnant. I’m in my last trimester. I have 8 other children. Yep! I should get to sleep HARD for at LEAST 7 hours a night. I think there’s a rule somewhere.

Instead, I spent my night rolling around in bed with my eyelids stuck open, my back aching, my body temperature fluctuating annoyingly………and my husband softly snoring happily away while I lay in agony and misery and very large, very irritated pregnant-ness.

You’re going to stop reading my blog now, aren’t you?

Wait! I’ll redeem myself now, and it will be amusing and refreshing and unlike ANY other blog you read! Promise!

Okay, last night, I was in the living room doing something Mom-ish, and our 2-year-old was milling around the room doing 2-year-old things like talking to herself. She was saying a 2-word sentence over and over and over, and I think it was directed at me. I listened for a few minutes, and mentioned a number of times that I wasn’t sure what she was saying, although this did not phase her in the least, and she continued saying it 82 more times. Finally, in order to maybe get a slight break in the repetition, and because it DID sound to me like she was saying this, but I was SO sure she was not, that I was going to make a funny out of it, and maybe she would get my little joke, and then JUST QUIT ALREADY! So I asked with a little laugh to my voice, “Are you saying, ‘I rock?'” And she looked at me and, so matter-of-factly answered, “Yes Mommy! I ROCK!” Like, DUH!

And while I have said that someTHING rocks every once in awhile, I have NEVER directed it at myself and my own individual and unique rock-ness. So I’m not sure when she has had the time to hang around surfers, but I’ve gotta really start keeping a better eye on her. I’m thinking “I ROCK!” is not gonna come off well at the next church potluck.


6 Responses to “Rockin’ (the no title thing was buggin’ me. What can I say?)”

  1. Nana C said

    Well, between all of you fellow bloggers with youth at home, you do keep me in stitches. And bring back the memories, I was fortunate to stay at home for 6 years and the quiet rainy nap afternoons were not as often as “wait til your father gets home”. May perfect sleep come tonight, Lord. Nana C

  2. Leigh said

    I’m sorry about the bad night…I remember well the last trimester of pregnancy. Ugh! My sister-in-law is due at the end of the month and she is horribly uncomfortable at this point. I hope tonight is better!

    As for the “I rock” thing…that is hilarious! I can completely see my youngest saying that. LOL

  3. Nina said

    But you DO rock! Every time I read you that’s what I think –” 8 kids, pregnant with #9, a husband that sleeps through crying children, and she still has a sense of humor….. man, this girl ROCKS!” And I have never surfed in my life:)
    Interestingly (or not), as a sometime sufferer of your predicament last night, I have, in sarcasm, used the phrase “Insomnia rocks!”

  4. Round Belly said

    may you sleep like a rock tonight 🙂

  5. trish said

    Girl, You do Rock! And you keep me rocking with laughter!
    Hope you get some great sleep tonight!

  6. Wanda said

    Thought of you again, tonight, (I’m telling you, you must be livin’ in my house) cause my second daughter, Paloma, just said that some wheatgrass kiwi “healthy” juice drink I offered her to taste “Rocks!” I said, “Excuse me!” and she repeated herself as if I didn’t hear. I don’t know where they pick it up, but I agree, it would not go well at the next potluck!

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