A Post in Which I Wonder if I Could be Arrested for Throwing Away a Disney Book

January 13, 2008

There’s this book we have. It’s kinda like “Where’s Waldo?”, except less annoying. And 2-Year-Old and 3-Year-Old cannot go a full hour without asking me to look at it with them…….48times. I cannot find the words to describe how sick of this book I am. I just tried, and I couldn’t do it.

See, what happened is that somehow this book was pulled off the shelf that contains 7,623,421 OTHER children’s books, and became a fun thing to do with Daddy at night before bedtime. It’s one of those finding books. Like, let’s find the 1/2-inch tall personified candlestick or the talking teacup or the French guy whose name my husband pronounces so wrongly that it drives me absolutely crazy!

And then let’s memorize where each of these teensy-weensy, itsy-bitsy characters are on the page, surrounded by OTHER characters and items so irrelevant and distracting, it tires me just to open the book! And the COLORS! They’re TOO BRIGHT! And TOO HAPPY! AND THEY MAKE MY EYES BURN! And when I HAVE managed to endure this book with the girls, and we come to a page that is NOT memorized, they ask ME to find the 1/4-inch tall goose with purple wings that almost EXACTLY matches ANOTHER goose with purple wings on the same page, except the degree of purple-ness is slightly off on the OTHER one. So it must be the first one, but I can’t find it again now, so I’ll try to pass off the off-color one to the girls because they are only toddlers and they won’t notice. But, alas. They DO, and so I must spend the next 15 minutes of my life re-locating the FIRST stupid purple-winged goose. Because, you know, I HAVE 15 minutes to spend in that manner. If I ask the oldest boy to tie me down. And bring me extra oxygen.


2 Responses to “A Post in Which I Wonder if I Could be Arrested for Throwing Away a Disney Book”

  1. Kristen said

    So did you actually throw it away? Please rest assured you are not alone in this. Our girls do the same thing!! My husband will try and zoom ahead, but THEY KNOW and correct him. Kids are smart!

  2. Nana C said

    Those 15 minute boxes of time due seem to slip by, when we could have gotten anything accomplished. I now in retirement find the big word LAZY slipping into the productive 15 minute timeframe. Anyway, it used to be when the new book was in our home if we read it word for word, of course they would know if we left anything out the next time! Gotta love em. Nana C

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