A Post in Which I am Thankful for the Life I Lead

January 15, 2008

Yesterday afternoon, we headed to a nearby town to meet my husband so that I could get in a midwife appointment this month. This entailed bundling everyone up in some serious winter wear, since it was 20 degrees FAHRENHEIT (for my Canadian readers who like to whine that I don’t use Celsius) and windy, because you just can’t live in the Midwest and NOT have wind in some shape or form EVERY MINUTE OF YOUR LIFE! In fact, on the 2 days out of the year when we have no wind, we comment on how weird that is, and glance around nervously. And now I sound like a Weather Geek’s wife, which I am, but really try to hide because it scares people off, and I already do that enough with the 8 children I possess, and my large feet.

Back to the original intent of this post………

So the plan was to meet my husband at the midwife’s house, and then switch cars. He would bring all the children back home again, and I would proceed to my appointment and later drive home in the eerily peace and quiet of a car that possesses only ME in it! (Freaky!) Everything went according to plan, and I arrived home safely at 6 last night. I had been away from the children for exactly 2 hours.

But you would’ve thought it had been for 2 days, such were the newsworthy events that accosted me in dueling decibels before I was even completely in the door.

“MOMMY! We watched “Bambi” when we got home even though you told us we couldn’t! DADDY let us!”

“MOMMY! There wasn’t enough soup for you…..we ate it all! DADDY let us have more than you do when YOU’RE home.”

(Are you sensing a theme here…..That Daddy works desperately hard to be Favorite Parent? And always wins?)

“MOMMY! Bambi married Falene and they saw hunters and…..”

“And the moles ran under the ground and pushed up lines of dirt and…..”

“Banger had a bunch of babies, and he taught THEM how to bang their feet!”

Mommy: “Don’t you mean Thumper? His name was Thumper because he thumped his paw on the ground.”

“Oh yeah.”

“MOMMY, I stinky!”

And, of course, they just couldn’t TAKE TURNS telling me these things.

But ya know…… it was so nice to come home to our warm, cozy house amid the noise and chaos of what sometimes seems like 87 children, and know that I am wanted and needed and loved. And even though Daddy wins Favorite Parent of the Day…..EVERY DAY…….that I’m the one who gets to be here all day long. And even though it is challenging and frustrating at times, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. That’s a nice feeling.


4 Responses to “A Post in Which I am Thankful for the Life I Lead”

  1. mindy said

    I was away from home yesterday, too, and received the same type of response when I returned home. Isn’t it grand? There’s NO ONE like Mommy. :o)

  2. Susan said

    I love it when they are excited to see us even if it has only been a couple of hours.

    Daddy in our house is favorite parent also. I figured it out the other day and that is because when they get home all they do is play with them. But that is fine with me because they will always feel loved by their Daddy.

  3. happygeek said

    Everytime I bundle up my two children I think of you and it makes the task so much easier.
    Glad you got a few minutes to yourself!

  4. MamaBugs said

    Ain’t it great to be loved???

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