Last Night After Suppertime

January 17, 2008

My husband exercises regularly…..he has to in order to keep his job. If he stops exercising, the Air Force will put him on what is maturely known in Air Force circles as The Fat Boy Program, which means that he will have a nauseatingly fit and toned person tell him how to get his bod back in shape, and will watch him sweat and get very angry at the gym. He has never been on The Fat Boy Program. Those who HAVE been on it are generally sneered at, as an Air Force whole. If you fail the Fat Boy Program, even a Purple Heart won’t save you……you’ll be flipping burgers next week at the local Jack-in-the-Box. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

He normally does his own exercise routine, but once a week, he is supposed to gather together with other people that he works with, in order to enjoy the comraderie involved in sweating together while talking trash about the unfortunate person leading the exercise routine for that week. And every week, he comes home with a story about what went on. Like, the person who lead the exercises that day used to be a TI (formerly known as a Drill Instructor at Boot Camp), so he stood over everyone while they did 279 push-ups, yelling at them, calling them names, and making fun of their mothers. Or the guy who does “girly” exercises that entail leaping through the air while holding your arms out delicately to the side. The other day, he had an exercise leader who was really, really cool. He had names for each exercise like The We’re Not Worthy maneuver and The Superman drill. He showed everyone this exercise last night after supper because our boys think it’s cool to try each exercise out, and I think it’s cool to watch my husband show his manliness and muscles. The Superman is done by laying on your stomach, stretching your arms over your head in a diving position (or like Superman does as he flies through the air), and lifting your legs a few inches off the floor without bending them. So all the big boys run to Daddy and flop down on the floor beside him and try out The Superman. And that fulfilled my Laughter Quota for the day. But THEN, our 18-month-old walks over, flops down on the floor on his tummy, and lays there, smiling up at Daddy with the cutest face…….like, “See Daddy? I can do The Baby Superman!”

And I fully realize that I am being one of those irritating moms who blather on and on about how cute their kids are, but they’re really only cute to their parents and grandparents, and so I DO know that, in this instance, you just had to have been there AND that you had to have the same chromosomal structure.

But you could TRY to imagine the cuteness of this, because it really WAS adorable!


3 Responses to “Last Night After Suppertime”

  1. mindy said

    I CAN picture this, and it sounds SO cute!!!

  2. Round Belly said

    Even though I am not there, or share the same chromosomes, I can envision my little one doing that, and I know that would be adorable.

  3. Nana C said

    Yes, I know it was cute, being a Nana of 8, there is nothing cuter than the little ones about 18 mts. old. Being close in your family is wonderful and love to hear about your lives together. You have so much to enjoy in your husband and children.. Nana C

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